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Intelligent Healthcare Solutions
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Welcome to Intelligent Healthcare Solutions

Intelligent Healthcare Solutions provides the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries with exceptional nursing support services.

We are a contract service organisation and our mission is to develop intelligent solutions for our clients and patients to ensure a first class service tailored to their needs.

Our highly trained staff are equipped to work in partnership with a wide range of Healthcare Providers, Clinical Commissioning Groups, NHS Acute Trusts and Pharmaceutical Companies.


Intelligent Healthcare Solutions’ range of specialist nursing services include:

  • Expert
  • Nurse Advisor
  • Health
  • Homecare
  • Management

Intelligent Healthcare Solutions speciality is in building teams of experienced nurses who deliver bespoke programmes of care designed to meet the needs of patients with chronic conditions. A flexible approach to patient care ensures that quality is maintained without compromising the specialist attention required to deliver each therapy.

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Intelligent Healthcare Solutions

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